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Don’t like paperwork? Who does? That’s why we’ve created these forms to help you quickly resolve your mortgage debt. Or a least give you the answers you need to make an informed decision about what to do next.


By providing us with this information, we will be able to clarify your situation and determine whether you may be able to remain in your home after eliminating your mortgage debt.


TrioNext is just one more option that helps people who are unable to pay their mortgage. You are not obligated to move forward with any proposal we provide to you. It’s just one more option to help you decide what’s best.

Important Forms:

 Who owns your loan?

There’s a good chance that the financial institution that provided the mortgage to buy your house doesn’t “hold” your mortgage anymore. Most likely, they sold it to another financial institution—or even a government enterprise like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. This is generally a good thing because it brings money back into the community to make more loans for other people to buy homes.


Here’s the not so good thing: Some purchasers of mortgages-like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac--have specific guidelines for how that loan is managed throughout it’s lifetime. And one of the areas that gets a bit complicated is when the loan goes into default or is part of a short sale. In some cases, the guidelines say that if the borrower takes part in a short sale they won’t be able to stay in the home after the sale. To find out what the guidelines on your loan say, it’s necessary to do a loan look-up to see who owns the loan right now. By clicking on the button above, you’ll be able to provide us with a consent to look up your loan and find out what the rules are.

 Who services your loan?

Servicers are the folks that collect your mortgage payments. They also are the ones who have to follow the rules set down by the institution that owns your loan. If you’re behind on your mortgage payments, the servicer will be the first to call and discuss a plan to fix the situation. Sometimes you can work out a loan modification, other times, not. In many cases, servicers are open to the possibility of a short sale of the property. With a TrioNext Quiet Short Sale, we not only handle all the paperwork free of charge, but we also—and this is what makes it such a Quiet Short Sale—have a pre-approved institutional buyer ready to buy the home. But in order to make the servicer aware of this solution, we need your permission to contact the servicer about your loan.


And this is very important: By allowing us to contact your servicer, you are not relinquishing any control whatsoever. If you choose to proceed with a Quiet Short Sale, your written permission will be required, in writing. But by allowing us to initiate contact, we’ll find out what new options are available to you.

 Want to just move on with your life?

Sometimes the whole situation of falling behind on your mortgage and getting calls from your lender or servicer leaves you feeling like you’ve just had enough. If you have definitely decided that you’d just prefer to move on, we can still assist you in eliminating your mortgage debt. Simply click on the button above to access a simple form that that will let us get started.


Besides arranging for a deficiency waiver, we may also be able to help identify for relocation assistance through the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) Program and other programs.


So if you’d like to make the decision to move on, and avoid the credit and financial damage of foreclosure. Take the next step. And move on with TrioNext.

 Interested in staying and leasing? Start here.

TrioNext helps resolve mortgage debt by working with your lender to coordinate a Quiet Short Sale. Then, unlike traditional short sales, TrioNext converts your unrealistic mortgage into a reasonable lease. But in order to begin, we need current information to qualify you for a lease. Trio lease requirements are similar to renting and less stringent than qualifying for a mortgage. Our application includes a review of your housing history, employment, credit, and income. There is no fee for the application, and no obligation to continue once you complete it. We use this information to provide you with an estimated monthly lease payment so you’ll have certainty about your financial future. Click above to begin the lease application.

 Know about a short sale candidate? Let us know.

If you’re a real estate agent and you’re uncertain how to prepare and execute a short sale, or just have too little time to work on the details, TrioNext provides a win-win for all parities. We’ll usher the Quiet Short Sale through the process for you. Your client gets a quick and Quiet Short Sale and a process that’s streamlined. You have less work to do overall, since a buyer has already been located. But you still receive listing broker commissions as you would have if you done all the work yourself.


In addition, should the client be eligible for a long term lease, compensation is also available through our leasing compensation program.

Other real estate professionals like loan officers and financial counselors can use TrioNext as a resolution resource at the appropriate point in the waterfall. For borrowers headed towards foreclosure, it’s a much less toxic way to resolve mortgage debt than foreclosure.


We ask that you contact us by clicking on the link above. Provide us with your contact information so that we can provide you with all the details of the program.

 Interested in Hardest Hit funds assistance?

Eighteen states offer Hardest Hit Funds to help keep homeowners from experiencing foreclosure. Currently, TrioNext is engaged by the State of Arizona to provide additional financial assistance to responsible homeowners. If you would like TrioNext to offer the Quiet Short Sale in your HHF state, contact your state housing finance agency and let them know you’d like additional assistance avoiding foreclosure. We provide a list of HHF supported agencies here. By clicking on your state, you will find a pre-addressed email to request that the Quiet Short Sale be added to their foreclosure prevention program. The program can provide additional assistance--up to $66,000 in Arizona-- depending upon how the program is set up.


a Quiet

Short Sale.

And move


Start here.

Sometimes the best solution is to resolve your mortgage debt and move on. We understand, and we’d like to help make the process as quick, quiet and streamlined as possible. In order to get going, we need you to provide us with some specific information.

About you.

Please contact me about the TrioNext Quiet Short Sale so that I can move on.

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About your home.

These are some of the questions we will ask in order to help you with your debt.

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Permission to Contact Form

In order for us to help you resolve your mortgage debt with a Quiet Short Sale, we need your permission to contact either your loan servicer or loan holder. With your permission we will begin discussions that may lead to a proposal for you to review. If you would first like to discuss this process please call 1-855-NEXT-123.

About you.

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About your loan.

Know your


We'll do a loan

look-up for you.

Loan look-up form.

Every loan comes with specific guidelines that tell servicers what they can do to help resolve unmanageable debt. In many cases they have a lot of flexibility. In other cases, they limit your options on aspects like remaining in the home after a short sale. This is something you should know before you make any decision on how to resolve your mortgage. Finding out is simple. Just provide us with the information and consent in the form below and we'll get right on it for you. The information can only help you stay in control.

About you.

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Other info about your loan.

If you provide us with the following information we can help you more quickly.

* I confirm that I am the owner of this property and give consent to TrioNext to look up my loan.

Resolve your



debt with the


Short Sale.

Provide us with your contact information

If you have a client who is interested in pursuing a short sale as the solution to their mortgage problems, consider talking to us first. We can facilitate a quick and Quiet Short Sale that provides more options and is more beneficial to your client. Listing and lease placement commissions are available.

Tell us about yourself.

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Submit this form to have a TrioNext representative contact you about your participation in the Quiet Short Sale mortgage resolution program.


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HHF program


Click on your state below.

The U.S. Treasury provides funds to Housing Finance Agencies in the hardest hit states. These funds are used to develop locally tailored programs to assist struggling homeowners in their communities. If you'd like the Quiet Short Sale to be a part of your state's HHF foreclosure prevention program, click on your state below to generate an email.