Introducing TrioNext.

There’s a lot of noise out there about unmanageable mortgage debt and foreclosure. Chances are, you’re keeping your ears open for a reasonable solution, but not hearing anything that makes sense.


Well, all that’s about to change with a mortgage resolution program called TrioNext. We call it the “Quiet Short Sale” because it’s very private and gives you more options than you’ve ever had before. Including staying in your home and the option to repurchase at a new, realistic price when and if you’re ready. Most of all, it puts you back in control.






Short Sale.

Introducing TrioNext

Resolve your mortgage debt with the least amount of disruption to your life and credit.

..... The Arizona Department of Housing is now offering The Quiet Short Sale through it’s Save Our Home Arizona foreclosure prevention program ..... The U.S. Treasury will provide up to $66,000 through its Hardest Hit Fund

August 2013. The Quiet Short Sale has now been adopted by the Arizona Department of Housing to assist responsible homeowners avoid foreclosure on their primary Arizona residence. The program is administered through Save Our Home AZ.


We are pleased to be selected by the State of Arizona to help keep families in their homes and neighborhoods intact. The program can provide up to $66,000 in assistance.


If you are an Arizona resident and would like more information on how you may be able to qualify for this additional assistance, click here.

 Help is on its way.

Nearly a quarter of all U.S. homes with a mortgage are underwater. That works out to almost 11 million households. So if you’re having trouble with your mortgage, you are not alone. If you’re tired of hearing from banks and servicers with proposals that are unrealistic or unreasonable, listen to what we have to say about TrioNext. The best way to quietly resolve your mortgage problems.


Source: CoreLogic February 2013 MarketPulse Report.

Introducing TrioNext


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We can help.

Loan mod

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 What's next?

The first advice you’ll get when you’re late with your payments or struggling to pay your mortgage is to consider a loan modification. That makes sense— but sometimes just on paper. In the real world, it’s often a lot more difficult. Chances are you’ve been through the process and the terms just don’t work. And now you’ve still got unmanageable debt or are headed towards foreclosure. So consider TrioNext. The Quiet Short Sale is the next alternative.


A short sale is when you provide the bank with an offer to sell the home for less than owed on the mortgage. Sometimes homeowners do this when they need to move and they owe more than the house is worth. Sometimes a short sale is an alternative to foreclosure – a solution that shows the bank you’re willing to help minimize the loss. Banks are generally motivated to work with homeowners because they can lose less money on a short sale than a foreclosure.

Important Forms

 Start by putting us on the case.

But even if a loan modification didn’t work, you still have options. And better options than a typical short sale. Instead of a do-it-yourself affair with agents, listings, signs and open houses, you’ve got TrioNext. We’ll bring a pre-approved, institutional buyer right away, with a formal offer to present to your lender or servicer. If that sounds like a better idea, then help us help you. Give us permission to contact your servicer to get the conversation started. Nothing can happen without your express written approval. Click on the link #2 to the left and provide us with a contact. And we’ll provide you with a new and better option. Options are good, right?

A better

option than

a typical

short sale.


 Most short sales are very public affairs.

When a homeowner owes more than what their home is worth, a lender may allow that homeowner to sell the property for less than the mortgage balance. This is known as a short sale. Typically short sales involve realtors, public notices and open houses. Because of this, your financial situation is well known to the public. A Quiet Short Sale, on the other hand, is done privately with no public notice, allowing you to keep your finances quiet.


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Short Sale?

Our existing relationships with lenders, servicers and investors allows us to propose a solution to all parties and successfully close the deal quickly and quietly.


But the main benefit that most people see in TrioNext is that it provides an acceptable way out of a nearly impossible financial situation. This is what people we talk to are saying loud and clear.






 Count the ways we help:

First on the list is the ability to avoid foreclosure and take less of a hit on your credit. Next, there’s the way we do it—privately and quietly—without signs, open houses or nosey neighbors. We’ll work to negotiate a waiver of deficiency, so the mortgage balance that’s eliminated won’t come back to bite you. And for the rest of this year, the government won’t tax you for the amount forgiven. The program is structured to help you stay in your home, but you can leave if you want to. If you do stay, you may also have the option to repurchase at a later date. Each of these reasons is described in detail below.

Why TrioNext makes sense

 Don't cloud your future.

The frustrating thing about the housing crisis is that so many good people got stuck in a bad situation. And now they’re having a hard time paying—or not paying—and thinking that foreclosure may be the only way out. The problem with foreclosure is that your credit will take a big hit: a foreclosure remains on your credit for seven years and severely limits your ability to apply for home financing in the near term. The Quiet Short Sale is a better alternative.

Introducing TrioNext

Why not just

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Keep your




 It's nobody's business but yours.

There’s nothing worse than having your financial difficulties on display for the neighborhood. Whatever made your mortgage debt unmanageable is your own business. That’s why our short sales are private. No "For Sale" signs. No nosey neighbors. No open houses. We negotiate with the lender in an entirely private process. With the Quiet Short Sale, TrioNext works behind the scenes to quietly resolve the situation.

Introducing TrioNext

The best outcome to a short sale should:

 Avoid unnecessary damage.

Clearly, the number one reason you’re considering a short sale is to get out from under an unreasonable debt load or to save your home. But there are other, meaningful benefits too if your short sale is done with TrioNext. The common theme to these benefits is that they all provide you with a better way of moving on with your life, without significant, lingering problems with your credit, future collection, tax implications or the need to pick up and move. TrioNext handles all these problems cleanly and quietly, providing the best outcome: greater stability and control over your financial life.

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What is a deficiency waiver?

A deficiency waiver is a document stating that the lender will not attempt to collect the unpaid and forgiven balance of the loan. Without a deficiency waiver, the lending party has the right to continue attempting to collect. With a deficiency waiver, the lender agrees to “waive your future obligation to repay the deficiency balance.”

 Free from future collection.

A deficiency is the difference between the amount you owe on your home and the amount it finally sells for. This includes any additional closing costs (i.e. escrow fees, real estate commissions, transfer tax, title insurance, etc.) associated with the sale that are incurred by the lender when you short sell your home. A deficiency waiver releases the borrower from liability for any deficiency associated with the mortgage upon successful completion of a short sale. We encourage anyone entering a short sale to have their deficiency 100% waived by their lender, in writing. That’s why we make it a priority with every TrioNext short sale.

Introducing TrioNext

Find out your

options for

staying in

your home.

 Yes, we said "stay".

TrioNext is designed around the idea of helping homeowners stay where the are and keeping neighborhoods intact. No debt resolution program, other than loan modification, offers the opportunity to stay in your home, long-term. And while we offer this benefit universally, some loan servicing guidelines limit a borrower’s ability to remain in a home after a short sale. To find out about your unique situation, it is first necessary to do a loan lookup. Click here for a form that gives us consent to help determine your loan servicing guidelines.

 With credits and incentives.

Those who qualify for a Trio Own Option lease will have the option to repurchase their home during or at the end of the lease term. But perhaps more importantly, we help you get ready to repurchase. Here’s how: First, we make financial counseling and planning available through national non-profit partner organizations like NeighborWorks and others to help you set up budgets, manage your finances and improve your credit. Then, we offer two programs to you to help build a down payment when you’re ready to repurchase.


We offer a savings program where we match 25% of your savings contribution up to a $5,000 match. And for each month that you’re on time with your lease payment, we’ll set aside 10% of that payment to go towards your future repurchase. So it’s not just an option to repurchase, it’s a complete program that’s designed to help you get there. No other short sale program offers such a comprehensive plan to get you back on solid ground.


an option




 Go ahead and put it all behind you.

If you have definitely decided to move on, we can still assist you in eliminating your mortgage debt. Simply click here, to access a simple form that that will let us get started. We may also be able to arrange for up to $3,000 in relocation assistance through the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) Program. So if you’d like to make the decision to move on, and avoid the credit and financial damage of foreclosure. Take the next step. And move on with TrioNext.

Introducing TrioNext

 This is what reality looks like.

Here's an example of what TrioNext can do. This is an actual property in one of our lender's portfolios. It’s in the Central Valley of California. A four bedroom, three bath, 2,000+ square foot home. This example is based on a two year lease. The Trio option price is the minimum cost of the home at the end of a two year lease.

Quietly getting it done

Outstanding mortgage:$405,000
Current market value:$201,000
Trio Option Price:$213,500
Monthly Trio Lease:$1,740

TrioNext resets your monthly lease payments to correspond with a new, realistic market value.





Let us







Introducing TrioNext

Click on the application above to get started.

 Help us help you.

TrioNext helps resolve mortgage debt by working with your lender to coordinate a Quiet Short Sale. Then, unlike traditional short sales, TrioNext converts your unrealistic mortgage into a reasonable lease. But in order to begin, we need current information to qualify you for a lease. Trio lease requirements are similar to renting and less stringent than qualifying for a mortgage. Our application includes a review of your housing history, employment, credit, and income. There is no fee for the application, and no obligation to continue once you complete it. We use this information to provide you with an estimated monthly lease payment so you’ll have certainty about your financial future. Click here to begin the lease application. If you would rather move on after a short sale, you have that option too. Click here to indicate that you’d rather just move on.

 Stay in control by reading this.

Deciding to pursue a short sale is a big decision. Before you commit to any plan, make sure you have considered all your alternatives. If you can, consult a tax advisor for more detailed information about tax implications, if any. If you’d like an independent third-party assessment of your situation, consider contacting the Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) at 1-888-995-HOPE. By referring you to this organization, we are not implying that they endorse our program. It is important for you to know that this is entirely your decision. We are in no way advocating you to make any particular financial decision.


We are merely making you aware of an optional course of action. Understand too, that we are not associated with the government nor is our program —or any short sale program--specifically approved by the government. We will work to help negotiate a beneficial outcome with your mortgage holder, but we cannot guarantee any outcome. Some mortgage companies may choose not to participate. At any time during the process, you may reconsider your decision to participate. You are in control. You may accept or reject any offer we obtain from the lender or servicer. We do not charge you a fee for our services.


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 Thanks for listening.

If you’d like help with your mortgage debt please start by filling our free application available here. If you’ve already been contacted by us, and you’d like to redeem your iPod shuffle, click here and enter your code in the redemption form. If you have any questions about TrioNext or how to redeem your code, call us at 1-855-NEXT-123 and we will help you with the process. Or email us at

Introducing TrioNext

 The Trio family of products.

We believe that the current choices in home financing—renting or owning—are incomplete and out of synch with the needs of the new American way of life. We believe that it’s not either/or anymore; that the best housing finance solution is to give people the flexibility and accessibility of renting and merge it seamlessly with the long-term stability of owning. That’s why we call ourselves “Trio”.


We offer the third way to finance a home. And we have a family of products to help you in any situation. As you’ve read here, TrioNext provides a unique solution to unmanageable mortgage debt. TrioReady provides an own option on homes ready to move into. TrioSelect lets you go “shopping” for a home to lease first and buy when you’re ready. And TrioSimple is the first national home rental brand. Visit our Trio site at for more information.





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Introducing TrioNext


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a Quiet

Short Sale.

And move


Start here.

Sometimes the best solution is to resolve your mortgage debt and move on. We understand, and we’d like to help make the process as quick, quiet and streamlined as possible. In order to get going, we need you to provide us with some specific information.

About you.

Please contact me about the TrioNext Quiet Short Sale so that I can move on.

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About your home.

These are some of the questions we will ask in order to help you with your debt.

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Permission to Contact Form

In order for us to help you resolve your mortgage debt with a Quiet Short Sale, we need your permission to contact either your loan servicer or loan holder. With your permission we will begin discussions that may lead to a proposal for you to review. If you would first like to discuss this process please call 1-855-NEXT-123.

About you.

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About your loan.

Know your


We'll do a loan

look-up for you.

Loan look-up form.

Every loan comes with specific guidelines that tell servicers what they can do to help resolve unmanageable debt. In many cases they have a lot of flexibility. In other cases, they limit your options on aspects like remaining in the home after a short sale. This is something you should know before you make any decision on how to resolve your mortgage. Finding out is simple. Just provide us with the information and consent in the form below and we'll get right on it for you. The information can only help you stay in control.

About you.

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Other info about your loan.

If you provide us with the following information we can help you more quickly.

* I confirm that I am the owner of this property and give consent to TrioNext to look up my loan.

Resolve your



debt with the


Short Sale.

Provide us with your contact information

If you have a client who is interested in pursuing a short sale as the solution to their mortgage problems, consider talking to us first. We can facilitate a quick and Quiet Short Sale that provides more options and is more beneficial to your client. Listing and lease placement commissions are available.

Tell us about yourself.

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Submit this form to have a TrioNext representative contact you about your participation in the Quiet Short Sale mortgage resolution program.

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Quiet Short Sale

using Arizona's

Hardest Hit Funds

No obligation. No fee.

The U.S. Treasury provides funds to Housing Finance Agencies in the hardest hit states. These funds are used to develop locally tailored programs to assist struggling homeowners in their communities. Learn more about the HHF Quiet Short Sale program in Arizona by sending us the form below. We will provide you with additional, valuable information on how to resolve your debt.

About you.

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Other info about your loan.

If you provide us with the following information we can help you more quickly.